"I am an artist, always have been, always will be.     

           I have worked in many different media over the years. In the 80's and 90's I had a very successful career as a commercial airbrush illustrator. As luck would have it, the industry began to change. My agent was calling me less and less, and as the world changed, I had to also.

           In the late 90's I began a new career as a general contractor, with a strong emphasis on high end residential remodeling trying my best to make every home that I worked on a beautiful piece of art. As much as I enjoyed building these large scale 3-D sculptures, (i.e. remodeling), there was something missing. The piece that was missing was art.

           I tried telling myself that what I was creating in these homes was feeding my soul on a creative level, but it wasn't. ( not to mention the toll it was taking on my body.)

           I needed to get back to being creative, not just creating beautiful living spaces for people, but making things that really challenged me as an artist. I had been honing my welding and metalworking skills by way of a vintage motorcycle that I created and designed to run at the Bonneville Salt Flats in hopes of obtaining a land speed record, (I set my first record in August of 2016, though the bike has got a lot more in her). Throughout that process, I really fell in love with metal. I have been trying since then to incorporate it into as many projects as possible.

           My first opportunity came in the form of lighting. It incorporated all the things that I love to do. Building something from nothing, using my knowledge of lighting and electricity, (I was introduced to it at a early age as my father was an electrician), design, form and function, and most of all, mechanics.

          It is my belief that lighting can totally transform a space merely through illumination. Add to that the beauty of sculpture and you've got something unique. Art with a purpose, form with a function.

          I am glad to be back amongst the artists again. It is where my soul gets fed, it is where I belong. - David